Complete Website Design and Development Services

A Dedicated Design and Development Team.
When Paranormal Investigation was founded we wanted to ensure that our internet presence was both high impact and user friendly. Our commitment to an on-going internet business meant that it was in our interest to bring to create website design and development roles within our team. This means we have permanent members of our team that handle the online side of things. We are now making their services available to you.

Website Design.
The first stage of website creation is the information gathering process. We need to know what you want your website to do, how you want it to look and perhaps more importantly what the content of your website will be. Once we have discussed the intricacies of your website will will begin the design process. This is the creative part of website design and one that can easily be rushed or totally overlooked. The more effort that is put into this stage of the website the more stylish and satisfactory the result will be. We follow this creed "A Website is not merely a parking space for information; it is an advertisement for you and your business".

Website Development.
We have now produced a design for your website. You have been provided with a layout of how the main page and inside pages of the website will look. We can still tweak the design at this stage, nothing is set in concrete and things can change so that you achieve the website design you want. The navigation system is in place and working. Once you are totally happy with how it looks we will begin to develop the design into a proper working website. The important thing here is content. The website owners are responsible for producing the content of their website; however we can offer help with graphics and multimedia.

Website Deployment.
Once we have the content in place we can let you handle the uploading of the website to the internet or you can have us do this for you. Website deployment is more that just moving files from a hard drive to the internet it also involves optimizing the content and using the most effective systems for delivering movies, flash animation graphics and other content. Another important thing to do is check that the website if functioning how it should and that the website visitors are seeing the website how you intend them to see it. This leads into the support we offer you.

On-Going Support.
We see a website as a living breathing thing that needs attention to keep it looking its best and up to date. We can advise you on how to update the content of your website, if you have a basic knowledge of website development you should be able to keep your website running smoothly with updates and minor tweaks. However we understand that not everyone who has a website has the knowledge necessary to keep it running. Or perhaps you are able to perform the tasks of a webmaster yet you are facing a problem that you are not sure how to solve. This is where our on-going support comes into play. With each website we design and develop we offer support for any problems that you encounter. All you need to do is send us an email outlining the difficulty you are facing and we will help you solve it.

Remember when you hire us you don't just get a website; you get a whole website design and development team. You also get our extensive knowledge of internet problem solving.