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Product Catalog (Equip Yourself)

01. 007 Style Geiger Counter Watch.

02.Ghost/Spirit/Angel Detectors.

03. Alien Abduction Detector / Paranormal Disturbance Detector.

04. UFO Detector.

05. Radiation Detection Gear - Geiger Counters and Dosimeters.

06. Digital Software Voice Stress Analysis.

07. EVP - Capturing Spiritual / Ghost / Inter-Dimensional Sounds. White Noise Sources, Digital Tape Recorders, Audio Editing Software.

08. Gene and Cell - ESP / Communications.



Paranormal Research Index

01. Hampton Court CCTV Footage of Alleged Ghost investigated.

02. The 1967 UFO Photographs.

03. Is there Life on Mars?

04. The Mysteries of Coral Castle.

05. Who you Gonna Call?

06. The Thing in the Woods.

07. Plant and Cell Communication.

08. Strange UFO Caught on Camera.

09. The Cottingley Fairies

10. Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy

11. Build an Infrared UFO camera

12. Los Angeles UFO Attack

Free Paranormal Plans

01. Build your own UFO Detector Unit.

02. Free energy Research.

03. Build Your Own Bino-Scope Unit. *NEW*

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