Create your Own Infrared UFO Camera

A New Technology for UFO Hunting.

Up until recently we had to rely on the naked eye to spot UFOs in the sky. But what if there was a way to 'see' light that is beyond the visual spectrum. Well now there is. With the help of a video camera and a filter lens you will be able to record phenomena that would otherwise be invisible.

If we are to believe that we are being visited by beings from other worlds then it isn't beyond our reasoning that they are able to manipulate the light spectrum to remain hidden from our view. Maybe it isn't even intentional but it could explain why UFOs often appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly.

With the following techniques you can see beyond the natural world and perhaps capture something that would have been missed.

How to create An Infrared UFO Video Camera.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for this setup to work your camera will need to have the exposure adjusted. The manufacturers of Night Vision cameras removed this feature on newer models (see the info box below for the reason why). If you cannot obtain an older camera that has adjustable exposure there is a workaround called the Halfway Trick.

THE HALFWAY TRICK. On Sony cams the Nightshot switch mechanically moves the infrared blocking filter out of the optical path and switches certain functions off. In many cams the filter moves out of the way before the electronic switch engages. In this halfway mode (with the Nightshot switch in a position half way between 'off' and 'on') the cam can see infrared images and the auto exposure still works. Note that this trick does not work with all Sony cams.

Visible Light Range Blocking Filter.

Once you have the correct camera you will then need a Visible Light Range Blocking Filter. This will cut out all the visible light and allow the infrared light through. Using this set up will record objects that are not visible to the naked eye. Paranormal-Investigation will begin stocking these lenses very soon, so check our product listing for more information.

There are other types of filter available for your camera to enhance the images you produce.

Another Option for Ghost Hunting.

lder model Sony Nightshot cameras both DV and 8mm can now be found on Ebay at amazingly affordable prices, a fraction of their original cost. Without the need for a filter lens these cameras use full light spectrum lenses and there are perfect for other types of paranormal investigations such as ghost hunting. These are the type of cameras used in pitch dark conditions during televised ghost hunts. They are great for capturing light anomalies and are now an essential part of any investigation.

The Astonishing Results.

Now you have your set up complete what can you expect to record? The following footage was recorded with the exact specifications as shown above. It was shot in May 2004 in Wisconsin by Frank P. In his own words:

"This entire video is actually over three minutes. It is very odd. The object enters the camera view and has a contrail like it is entering the atmosphere. After a short time it loses its contrail and continues to descend roughly down, but traveling slightly to the right. I zoomed in and got it in the frame of a telephone wire (this is where the video I sent you starts and lasts a few seconds in which it makes some erratic movements.). After this, it leaves the camera view behind a house chimney that is nearby, leaving at a down and slightly to the left direction. It enters the camera frame traveling slightly to the right and leaves traveling slightly to the right and has a few erratic movements in its path."

"...Personally I believe we have an amazing amount of UFOs everywhere and I believe if you set up a camera just like I did in your area, you would be just as likely to catch one in 2 or 3 hours just like mine..."

The reason newer model cameras have been redesigned to discourage the use of Night Vision during daytime is because some fabric's are transparent in the infrared range. This allowed the cameras to literally 'see-thru' clothing. The controversy and legal ramifications of X-ray vision cameras forced the manufacturers to rethink their design.