The Hampton Court CCTV Footage

Ghostly Figure Caught on Security Camera.

This stunning image of a figure dressed in period costume was caught on CCTV camera at Hampton Court Palace in London. The security staff were trying to discover what was causing a fire door to open and shut of its own accord, they hoped that the CCTV camera they set up facing the outside of the door would reveal something, but they never expected to see a robed figure reaching out to close the doors after the mysteriously opened on their own.

A spokeswoman for Hampton Court said: “We are baffled. It’s not a joke, we haven’t manufactured it.” The security staff had been studying the footage and have seen the door fly open on its own, but this one particular time there was someone there to close it, yet where had this figure come from?

Whoever or whatever has been caught on the camera is wearing period clothing, and although there are costumed guides within the palace none of them wear the fur-trimmed type robe that is seen in the footage. This type of robe is the sort of thing King Henry VIII himself a resident at the Palace can be seen wearing in a lot of portraits.

This image was shown worldwide. The figure has been enlarged in this image.

Media Frenzy Over Single Image.

The worlds media went into a frenzy when the images were made public in December of last year (2003), the actual recording was made in October. However most of the newspaper press and television news coverage focused on just one frame of the footage. This frame is remarkable in its drama and on its own does appear otherworldly. Paranormal-Investigation has obtained the entire sequence of images and has enhanced and enlarged them.

Once the whole sequence of images is stabilized and the contrast and brightness enhanced the 'Ghost' isn't as convincing. Not only is the figure very solid, but he also shows a remarkable deftness at closing the fire door.

Would a 16th century spirit know how to operate a Fire exit door? We are sure most modern people have difficulty closing them but the "ghost" seemed quite able to get it to work, closing one side then the other. The motion of the legs, arms and hands appear totally solid and are consistent with that of known human articulation.

On even closer inspection there can also be seen what appears to be another person in two of the images. It is possible that someone did actually witness the doors being shut from inside the Palace and they may hold the key to this mystery.

Paranormal-Investigation asks anyone who may have been in Hampton Court Palace in October 2004 and may have seen someone, perhaps a guide wearing a fur-trimmed to contact us.

This royal residence dates from the sixteenth century and has been home to some of Britain's most famous kings and queens, including Henry VIII. Situated on the river Thames in London and famous for its stunning gardens and large maze, the palace also has the reputation as being one of the most haunted landmarks in Europe. Many visitors to the Palace, and indeed many people employed within its grounds have reported strange sightings and unexplained phenomenon.




Enhanced CCTV footage.

Frame 1 This Shows the fire doors ajar, not much can be seen inside the actual palace.

Frame 2 The doors appear to open on their own and a persons legs are visible inside the palace.

Frame 3 Similar to frame 2, the doors do not move and the person inside only slightly moves.

Frame 4 The costumed figure appears in the doorway. This figure appears suddenly which suggests the legs seen in frame 3 and 3 is of another person. Also the figure is wearing a gown which obscures his legs.

Frame 5 The infamous still shot as used by the media. The gowned figure reached out to close the doors.

Frame 6 He pulls one side of the doorway shut, in this frame the length of his gown is demonstrated.

Frame 7 Reaching out to grab the other door the figure gives us another full body shot. We can see a fur collar and what appears to be long dark hair.

Frame 8,9,10 Although the figure is now obscured in the last frames he demonstrates his ability to close a fire exit door.


Your Comments:

"Rather like the Zapruder footage of President Kennedy's assassination, one frame taken out of context can tell a different story than the entire sequence." - R. Oakley, Ohio.

"I don't think this is one of those elaborate hoaxes, it seems more like a misinterpretation of some innocent occurrence. I have visited Hampton court Palace and the costumed guides could easily be mistaken for apparitions if they were caught on the 'Grainy' quality of CCTV." - B. Travers, Michigan.

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