A Digital UFO Is Explained

An Apparent Three Dimensional Object Captured on Camera.
You may be aware of the website Coasttocoastam.com which is the home of the radio show featuring George Noory. CoasttocoastAM encourage their audience members to submit there own photographs of things that could be of interest to the Paranormal community. One of our eagle-eyed investigators noticed two images submitted some 6 months apart yet showing very similar unidentified flying objects.

We decided an investigation was warranted to try to explain what these strange "Flying Squiggles" actually are. Our findings are published here for you to read and we feel they are of great importance to the paranormal investigation community for reasons that will become apparent as you read on.


This is the first image submitted to CoasttocoastAM by Ashwin S.

  Thie second image submitted to CoasttocoastAM by Windwalker.

"I noticed something out the window with a glow and it was unlike anything I have ever seen."

  "The object was not in sight when taking the picture and when seen on the computer and enlarged looked like a meteor."

Our Investigation.
With some photographic investigation and recreation of the anomalies ourselves we have discovered that the squiggles are caused by small objects caught on camera while it is in Night mode or even if it just has the flash turned off.

To understand how the squiggle effect is caused you have to understand that on Night Mode (or with the flash turned off) a digital camera will leave its shutter open longer so that it can capture what available light there is. Without a tripod or remote control operation the slightest movement on the camera can cause blurring or jogging. You may think that you are holding the camera steady but breathing, the pressure of pressing the button and even your own heartbeat are enough to jog the camera and cause the squiggle effect.

The observed squiggling effect of digital cameras in our research increased proportionately to the amount of zoom being used to take the photograph and the brightness of the object relative to it's surroundings.

Here we have taken some picture's at night time of the planet Venus (the most likely cause of many night time light anomalies):-

Now it may appear that we were moving the camera around erratically, but in fact we were not, the camera is being held as steady as possible. We even took a shot of the moon to show just how much the photograph is distorted.

To be able to take photographs at night / dusk you need to set up your camera on a tripod and if possible use a timer or remote control to avoid the movement caused by contact with your hand. Below is Venus and the Moon taken on the same night as the images above but using a tripod and timer (the dark line on the moon is part of a tree).

A Question Remains.
The other image submitted to Coast To Coast AM by Ashwin was taken at what appears to be dusk rather than night, but the effect is the same. The object seems to be metallic and perhaps a plane or a balloon. We can analyze the image and take the information we need to show what type of object created this squiggle. We can't fully decide what this spherical object is, but we can show what it really looks like.

With the reduction in cost of good quality digital cameras, these perfect paranormal research tools are finding their way into virtually every home. They give you the ability to capture your paranormal phenomena (UFOS, ORBS, ASTRAL BEINGS) as still images or even as short video clips. STAY ALERT. Keep your battery fully charged and your camera with you at all times.

Paranormal Conclusions.
We feel that in this digital age with recording equipment so readily available more and more paranormal events will be captured and presented for our scrutiny. This means that we will be asked to explain away many things that we cannot. It is these images and recordings that will be of interest as they may hold the key to a better understanding of the world we live in.