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Paranormal PC V1.1. $799 In Stock  

The latest development in Paranormal Research Equipment is available from Add this professional research tool to your inventory and be at the forefront of Paranormal Research.

With this innovative technology you can become a serious investigator of the paranormal. Only when we produce credible scientific evidence of paranormal activity can we start to understand its true nature. Now at last you can easily gather that evidence with equipment that the professionals are using.

This innovation is for people who are serious about their research and it comes highly recommended by the researchers at

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The most valued outcome of a paranormal investigation is evidence, not only that but evidence from credible sources. That is why we at Paranormal Investigation are proud to bring you the Biggest Innovation in Paranormal Research in the last 25 years, we have combined the power of modern computing with the sensitivity of the latest scientific monitoring equipment. Not only can you detect potential paranormal anomalies you can also record them straight onto your PC or Laptop.

The 'Influence Triggering' based system will monitor and record all of the following parameters:-

-Infra Red Night Vision Video
-Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter Readings
-Negative Ion Levels / Static Interference
-Natural Magnetic Fields / Geomagnetic Fields

Anomalies in these fields are often associated with paranormal activity. Not only can you use ParanormalPC to monitor haunting investigations, it can also be utilized in other paranormal investigations such as Crop Circles, UFO Landing sites, Alien abductions. Seances, Ouija Board, etc.

-Raising the Bar: Be ahead of the crowd, this equipment will set you aside from amateur investigators, gaining you further credit with clients and venues.

-All the data recorded by ParanormalPC is presented using industry standard HTML. This means you can easily share the data with others.

-The software will generate a web page ready to upload to your website so you can share interesting anomalies via the internet with the whole world.

-Video analysis tools: have your own videos edited for you.

-ParanormalPC is like having a new member of your Paranormal Investigation team. It can do the job of several people and the evidence gathered by ParanormalPC is plausible and reliable.

-It will not miss a thing. This monitoring equipment relentlessly 'listens' for anything unusual. Leave it to monitor an area while you get on with other aspects of the investigation.

ParanormalPC V1.1 - State of the Art software for gathering and analyzing data.

ParanormalPC Interface* - For connecting the various meters to your laptop or PC.

A Negative Ion Meter.

An EMF Meter.

A Geomagnetic Meter.

An InfraRed Night Vision Camera (USB)

Full instructions on setting up and operating your equipment and software.

There's certainly awesome technology available today, yet among the video equipment described here, there's other technology able to capture digital imaging directly onto a PC twenty four/seven and that's a video security camera. So if you're considering installing Security cameras or CCTV cameras, this site has additional video technology information.

-Quick Start wizard interface.
-Continuous recording of ALL results.
-Software analyses all results in real time for fluctuations / paranormal activity.
-Trigger levels can be fully customized
-Videos can be edited for you by the software.
-Full HTML reports are created with links to videos of any activity, linked with time and environmental readings.
-Full motion sensing using Infra Red IR Camera, suitable for use in darkened conditions.



With new software comes new meters. The meters that are used with the ParanormalPC software have been specially designed by an expert in the field of Paranormal Detection Electronics. They are designed exclusively for use in Paranormal Investigations. The meters can be plugged straight into the ParanormalPC interface, they can also be used independently of the software.

Measures Electromagnetic Fields: 1-100 milligauss. This meter is fully backlit for use in total darkness. Can be used with or without ParanormalPC.
Measures the Negative Ion content of the air, and also levels of static electricity. This meter is fully backlit for use in total darkness. Can be used with or without ParanormalPC.
Measures fluctuations in the earths natural magnetic field, such changes are often linked to paranormal events. This meter is fully backlit for use in total darkness. Can be used with or without ParanormalPC.




It has a built in EVP software that monitors audio and super boosts low level sounds while leveling loud sound to a common gain and allows you to look at audio as data and listen to peeks. In a quiet environment this will quickly allow an investigator to capture EVPs if present and additional frequency and gain controls allow this to also be the ultimate tool for EVP captures and processing.



Using A program such as RemotePC A system could be left running remotely and "video hits" automatically uploaded to an investigation teams website. With any sale of a system if required Paranormal-Investigations has several Cellular to Standard Phone line emulation systems that would allow remote usage in locations without a phone line. Telular Cellular Hubs are $799 each - with purchase a Telular Cellular unit maybe purchased for $299 allowing remote access operation anywhere a cellular connection is possible for unattended operation.

Please contact us for more information about these units.


Searching for evidence of the Paranormal has always been difficult, but with ParanormalPCs combination of scientific and computing technology we really think that we have never been nearer to the truth as we are today. Armed with this powerful tool you can now produce evidence to substantiate eyewitness accounts of the paranormal. The Paranormal has never before been put under so much scrutiny as it is today and with this scientific equipment at your disposal you can become a pioneer in the search for truth.

This amazing innovation can aid the individual in his or her investigations, but we feel it can also be a great addition to a Paranormal Investigation team. Spreading the cost of ParanormalPC amongst your paranormal investigation team members can make it more accessible to everyone. We are very excited by this product and we eagerly await the results of your investigations.


*Paranormal PC system requires an open USB and a parallel port, newer systems w/o standard parallel port will require a special usb to parallel conversion cable.