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Paranormal-Investigation Products Catalog.


The Ghost Hunting Kit Costs Only $49.95
And Includes the Following Items:-

  How To Hunt Ghosts A Practical Guide by Joshua P Warren. *Signed*

The name says it all. This is the most concise and comprehensive introduction to ghost research ever produced. Joshua P. Warren, the award-winning author of numerous books and president of L.E.M.U.R. Paranormal Investigations, explores such topics as: Scientific Theories Behind Ghostly Activity - Defining and Understanding the Spectral - Obtaining Simple, Affordable Tools for Detection - Organizing and Conducting Investigations - Attempting Contact with the Other Side - How to Stop Ghostly Phenomena - And so much more!

Whether you want to photograph and audio record ghosts, detect energy anomalies, start a research team, or answer a few personal questions of your own, this book will give you the information you need to get started. It’s packed with photos and diagrams (including startling pics of real phantoms), and even includes forms for your investigations. Warren also recounts many of his own fascinating experiences hunting ghosts. As a BONUS the book will be signed personally by the author!

Part of the Joshua P. Warren Ghost Hunting Kit only $49.95

  Alone in a Haunted House DVD with Joshua P Warren.

Would you spend the night in a haunted mansion? How about all by yourself!?

To make this documentary, Joshua P. Warren spent an entire night alone in an eerie haunted house. You will see ghostly manifestations and hear spectral audio recordings. Aside from following Warren on his chilling adventure, you will also learn the basics of ghost hunting. He shows and demonstrates a number of paranormal tools including: EMF Meters - Still and Video Cameras - A night vision scope - An infrared scanner - Electrostatic Generators - Strobe Lights And more! This is a perfect companion to 'How To Hunt Ghosts' and both combine to guide you in your own investigations.

Part of the Joshua P. Warren Ghost Hunting Kit only $49.95

  Paranormal-Investigation Electro Magnetic Field Meter.


This is a unique electronic device that is very sensitive to the Extreme Low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many researchers in the paranormal fields have reported ELF energy is detectable and present during 'extra-material' events.

What's out there? We leave that for you to decide, all we know is sometimes we pick up some strange fields in places where they shouldn't be. The Transcendent Energies Detector™ is a ton of fun, for serious seekers, or just for those who want to add some excitement to a late night party.

Part of the Joshua P. Warren Ghost Hunting Kit only $49.95

  White Noise Audio CD For EVP Investigations.

White Noise CDs are used at lower volume and in many circumstances produce higher quality EVP captures than recording without. The audio level should be kept low not to saturate the recording while it is being made. This method is highly suggested for beginners trying to capture EVPs. The use of white noise in the paranormal traces back to antiquity where the Oracle of Delphi could hear voices in the ruffling of the leaves, or rushing of moving water.

Many people often call into paranormal shows such as Coast to Coast Am and report hearing voices in fans and air conditioners. Our CD is a recording of perfectly created white noise for use in paranormal research, it is also a very effective meditation aid for increasing your intuitiveness.

Part of the Joshua P. Warren Ghost Hunting Kit only $49.95

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