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Voice software Truster-2. $69.95 In Stock  
The Truster is an on line Lie Detector that can analyze the voice through a Phone conversation, a Tape Recorder, or In Person and show you on screen whether the person you talk with is lying, outsmarting you, exaggerating, not sure with his words or telling the truth. Truster is a revolutionary new family of software products interfaces with your PC for quick and reliable on-line and off-line truth verification. Anyone with a computer can use it: Detect a deception and verify the truth during a one-on-one conversation or while talking on your home or office phone connected to your PC. You can also record conversations for later analysis.
Originally under development for military use, Truster is a computerized voice stress analyses that installs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. A CD-Rom drive is needed. The software displays two boxes on the monitor. One shows the frequency wave of a person's voice and the other characterizing the speaker's accuracy.

Truster-2 Can Be Used:

In-Person In Real Time Mode

Over The Telephone In Real Time Mode

With Tape Recorded Conversations For Later Analysis

Truster can be used with in person interviews, tape recorded analysis or over the telephone line. Up until now, this type of technology cost thousands of dollars but the new Truster Software is on sale at only $69.95!!

This is an animated demo of the Truster-2 software.

Paranormal-Investigation routinely uses this software to determine the truthfulness of guests on Radio broadcasts and television programmes. We have been giving feedback to George Noory of Coast to Coast am paranormal radio which he has sometimes referred to in his live broadcasts.

There can be no greater a vote of confidence in a product
than the fact that we use it in our own investigations!

The truth is out there!