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Alien Abduction / Paranormal Disturbance Detector. $24.95 In Stock  
This device can be used as a personal monitor, it will detect abnormal electromagnetic disturbances and trigger. A LED will remain illuminated until the unit is reset. If you have concerns that you are being abducted, this device will allow external confirmation that anomalies activity is occurring. These devices can also be used in investigation of a location to determine if paranormal / ghost activity is occurring.




The Alien Abduction Detector ™ is an electronic device that detects anomalies in the VLF (Very Low Frequency) Electro-Magnetic field. The reason that the VLF range is used is because very few things in our modern world create strong pulses in this range. Many UFO researchers however, have noted that a strong VLF electro-magnetic pulse has been associated with extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional events.

What makes the Alien Abduction Detector™ so special is it's event capture circuit. This circuit acts like a mousetrap. Once it is triggered by a VLF event, it stays tripped until you reset it. This means that you don't have to sit and stare at a meter, which is of course impossible when you are sleeping.

How it works

When you turn the detector on, It's sensitive circuit monitors the background VLF field. When it detects a surge or other variation in the field the mousetrap circuit trips, silently lighting a small red LED. The light will stay lit until you reset the unit thus 'capturing' the event.

The unit is very sensitive and can even pick up the weak VLF field that occurs around power cords. Because of this you can test the unit by moving it next to any cord that is plugged into an electrical outlet. The detector will detect the field and trip.

Key Benefits

  • Great for the serious researcher, or just a gag gift for the person with everything!

  • This is a UNIQUE item, there is nothing else like it on the market.

  • A REAL conversation starter! Who could resist it?

Just the size of a pager,
Alien Abduction Detector™
is durable and easy to operate.