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Paranormal-Investigation Products Catalog.
Ghost/Spirit/Angel Detector Version One. $24.95 In Stock  
This is a unique electronic device that is very sensitive to the Extreme Low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many researchers in the paranormal fields have reported ELF energy is detectable and present during 'extra-material' events. What's out there? We leave that to you to decide, all we know is sometimes we pick up some strange fields in places where they shouldn't be. The Transcendent Energies Detector™ is a ton of fun, for serious seekers, or just for those who want to add some excitement to a late night party. Great for starting conversations and getting things rolling.


The Transcendent Energies Detector™ can help you find out.

How it works

When you turn it on, the detector constantly monitors the background ELF field. When it detects a field, or any anomalies in the field, a red LED lights up to let you know you're near a field. If you move the antenna out of the field the light goes out. In a very weak field it flickers.

Because the detector is very sensitive, you can test it by moving it near any electrical cord that is plugged in to normal household current ( A typical lamp or appliance cord will work fine. ) The detector will detect the very weak field near the cord and light up.

Key Benefits

  • Great for the serious researcher, or as a gift for the eccentric who has everything.

  • A fraction of the cost of meters sold for this purpose, most of which pick up RF 'noise' giving false or unreliable signals.

  • A great conversation starter! Everyone has a Ghost Story to tell !

It even detects the power focusing effects of Crystals !
We know of no other product that does this!


Ghost/Spirit/Angel Detector Version Two. $37.95 In Stock  
Specially formulated to find Ghosts and other paranormal activity. Measures emf (electromagnetic fields) from 0 to 50 milligauss. It also measures cellular fields from cellular phones We feature an exclusive Cell Phone/Meter experiment as a double technology finder of Ghosts. With activity, your cell phone reads different on the meter! You can see the difference immediately!! And you can measure that on the spot!

Find hot spots in homes! In cemeteries, hospitals, theaters, buildings, parks, meadows, creeks, etc! Conduct paranormal surveys (comes with complete Ghost instructions and a special Ghostbuster paranormal chapter.) You may charge for those services or do them for pleasure! Though we use language that is fun and casual, the CellSensor is an accurate and fine instrument devoted to high quality Paranormal activity. Each one is individually callibrated in the emf and cellular modes.

The CellSensor features audio with adjustable beep volume (can be adjusted to silent mode) so one can just hear the signal strength as one walks without having to look at the meter. It also features an analog readout. The small emf probe can be inserted in small areas and under doors! Definitely a great paranormal instrument.

Aside from a camera (digital or film), the most basic tool for a ghost hunter is the EMF meter. When ghostly activity takes place, electromagnetic anomalies often occur in the environment. This meter can allow you to detect these disturbances. Even though you may experience nothing via your physical senses, if you take a photo with flash when the EMF meter indicates a strange fluctuation, you can sometimes capture a picture of a ghost! In the pictures you will see globes of light that are not explained by conventional photography! These light globes sometimes have facial expressions, and messages!

The Gauss Master is wonderful for several reasons: It's lightweight and compact, yet durable. It has a needle readout AND an audio tone, allowing you to use it in the dark or without looking at it. Uses a 9 volt battery.

At a haunted location, strong, erratic, fluctuating EMFs are commonly found. It seems these energy fields have some definite connection to the presence of ghosts. Whenever you locate one, a ghost might be present, although the environmental conditions will not allow the specter to appear to the naked human senses.

Any erratic (non continuous) EMF fluctuations you may detect, especially between 0 and 1 milliGauss may indicate ghostly activity. This meter has perhaps the perfect level of sensitivity. This EMF meter may be one of the closest tools we have to study paranormal activity! Once you become comfortable using it in minutes, you'll be amazed by the EMF anomalies that surround us every day!