Professional digital image analysis

Digital Image Analysis.
With the huge increase in the number of digital cameras in use there has also been a remarkable increase in the number of apparently paranormal images captured. While a lot of these phenomena can be explained easily in terms of natural phenomena an alarming amount of things caught on camera need further examination.

Here at Paranormal-Investigation we are giving you the opportunity to have your digital images examined by us using professional image analysis techniques, equipment and interpretation. In order for your image to be accepted as in need of further evaluation we advise you first read through this information and look at these examples of naturally occurring events that can be discounted. If after this initial self-evaluation you still feel what you have captured needs to be further examined then submit the image to us using the advised submission preferences detailed below.

Types of image we can Analyze.
When we say Digital Image, we don't just mean images captured with digital equipment. We can also analysis regular images, we just ask that you provide us with a digital scan of the image, rather than the physical photograph/negatives.

Special Note on ORBS/GLOBULES
While these frequently captured events are interpreted by a lot of people as being paranormal we do not suggest that digital analysis can shed any further information on what they could be. There is no doubt that they could indeed be evidence of Paranormal activity, we feel that further investigation would need to be conducted 'On-Site'. Examining the environment in which they are captured for potential natural causes like dust particles, insects, faulty equipment, etc. would be more beneficial than examining the images themselves.

Submission Preferences.
We would prefer that the image you want investigated is submitted to us via email in the best quality format you can manage. Bitmap images placed in a Zip file is the best method to submit your image, as this compression technique does not interfere with the quality of the image. We advise against using .JPG or .JPEG formats as these severely distort the quality of your image.

Privacy / Confidentiality.
We employ a strict client confidentiality policy and we will not divulge any information, images or conclusions with anyone except you without your prior approval or permission. All images you supply us with remain in your copyright and will not be reproduced without your permission.