Military Grade Night Vision Equipment

Rendering the Invisble, Visible.

Paratemporal Night Vision in association with offers military (and higher) grade 3rd generation night vision for the best deals on the market. Though these units, like the popular PVS-7s, are fit for any night vision enthusiast, our highly trained staff tests and hand selects pairs that are especially suitable for paranormal investigation.

This technology is so advanced that each intensifier tube is unique.

Someone hoping to document UFOs, earth lights, ghostly manifestations, and similar anomalies, needs the highest level of fine detail. Even if you search far and wide, we feel you will not find better prices than ours for truly fine quality products. We are professional paranormal investigators, with a Lab in the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi, with clear skies. Our goal is to deliver you a high-quality product that will help you push forth scientific study at a price you can afford. Our staff - Joshua P. Warren and L.E.M.U.R. have been featured on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, National Geographic, Sci-Fi Channel, Animal Planet, Fine Living Network, Coast to Coast AM, Fox News and CNN.

Yes, it's true. An invisible world becomes visible through our Paratemporal goggles. If you look up at a clear sky, you may see an array of shiny stars. But if you look up through our goggles, you will find the earth almost completely enshrouded with a stunning cluster of heavenly bodies. Star gazing alone is amazing, but when UFOs appear zooming by, you'll probably shout in surprise. Though it's rare to see a UFO with your naked eyes, if you watch the sky at the appropriate time on a clear evening with our goggles, you will most definitely see strange things. We will teach you how to properly use this technology, and the best techniques to see UFOs and other anomalies, while ruling out satellites, space junk, and other conventional sights.

Clarke's 3rd Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


Night Vision Training.
We are always glad to hear from anyone who is interested in the paranormal especially if it involves the use of night vision equipment. We would like you to share your stories, images and videos so that we can show others just how powerful night vision equipment is in the field of paranormal research. If you are within traveling distance of our main location, then maybe you would be interested in joining us on a paranormal research expedition. You can learn the best techniques and practices to make the most of your night vision equipment.

PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles.
These amazing, high performance, third generation night vision goggles are state-of-the-art. Used extensively by the U.S. military in today's war zones, they are also an unparalleled tool in paranormal investigation. We guarantee the very best deals on the market, with unrivalled support for the product. This tool will instantly push your research light years ahead! The price includes postage and handling. Ask us about collecting this product directly, and we will arrange a free demonstration.

We truly have an extremely limited supply of products since each unit we sell is hand tested and optimized by our team. Potential buyers should contact customer support ASAP for a pre-order request. When your unit is ready, we will email you the location of a secure checkout purchase link to complete your order (or an address to send payment). Because our prices are so low (often $1000 lower than anyone else in the industry), we cater to the paranormal investigation field, and try to create a solid relationship with each client. Our ultimate purpose is to expand research by selling you a high-quality investigative tool.

A new world will be revealed as soon as you peer through these units. For many, the purchase of our goggles is a sincere, life-changing experience.

We also offer a wide range of accessories so you can make the most of your night vision equipment including: Waterproof Hard Shell Case, Magnifier Lens, Camera Adaptor, Magnetic Compass, and Video Capture Devices (both USB and RCA).


UFO Research.
Hands down, this is the best tool for UFO investigation on the market. We are delighted to hear from people who have always wanted to see a UFO, but never had success until the FIRST night they used our product. With these goggles, the visible sky above is peeled back numerous layers and, with our instruction, you will know when and how to look. And we'll advise you on how to rule out conventional sights, like satellites and space junk. At a certain time in the evening, the sun hits the upper atmosphere just right for you to see the IR signature from strange craft flying above. As indicated by some of the footage provided on this site, these anomalies are clear. It is exhilarating to finally see into the skies with new eyes. This is partially why our technology cannot legally be sent outside of the United States. It's easy to believe a secret highway operates around the clock in the cosmos above.


Ghost Research.
Some of the most impressive footage ever captured at haunted locations is documented with infrared cameras. Our goggles allow you to see deeper into the invisible IR realm than a camcorder "night shot" feature. You will be able to see all the frequencies in the visible spectrum PLUS into the long-wave IR. When viewed this way, so-called "haunted spots" can yield a flow of bizarre distortion that oozes around an active room, or stunning manifestations that zoom up to the camera.


Cryptid Research.
Infrared light is produced by heat, and living creatures give off a great deal of heat. Our goggles will allow you to easily see a black forest as if it were broad daylight, and anything moving or living will show up especially well. That is why our troops use these exact same goggles in the battlefield, staking their lives on their effectiveness. The moment these goggles arrive in the mail an amateur cryptozoologist will become a serious cryptozoologist.


Plasmas & Other Controversial Energy.
The L.E.M.U.R. Team has broken ground with our new TV program, airing on the National Geographic Channel, featuring the usage of Paratemporal Night Vision to capture earth lights and similar amazing phenomena at the famous Brown Mountain. As you can see in our Video Gallery, most paranormal manifestations create a surge of energy that is most easily detected using our products. Night has always been a blanket of mystery, but now you will experience such vivid clarity in the darkness that you will instantly consider these goggles a standard part of your research.

"Regardless of what I'm investigating, my Paratemporal Goggles are always top of the list in my professional kit. It's almost like looking into another dimension." ~ Joshua P. Warren.


Expert Night Vision Advice.
When using night vision equipment for paranormal investigation, it is important to know what the current moon phase is because the moon provides ambient light. The best results for cryptological investigations will occur during a full moon, the ground will be more illuminated and the goggles will work best when searching for earth based objects. Our goggles use an automatic gain control and have the least amount of light gain during a full moon. During a new moon they reach their highest levels of light gain and capture space based objects the best. There will be 7 to 10 days per month of optimal sky viewing. Ghost and plasma investigations will also benefit most from moonless nights as the goggles become the most sensitive to their surroundings, with an up to 50,000 times light gain. The more ambient light there is, even from clouds reflecting earth light pollution back to the earth, the more surroundings will be made visible. If you are using our night vision equipment for sky viewing, plasma or ghost investigations outdoors the optimal conditions will be during a new moon phase, as there won't be any ambient light coming from the moon.

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Export Warning: Export of U.S. manufactured night vision equipment is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State Office of Defense Trade Controls, in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130, and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce. For further information contact the Office of Defense Trade Control (202) 663-1282 or the U.S. Department of Commerce. Export of Generation 3 night vision equipment from the United States without a valid export permit issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls is strictly prohibited and is a federal crime. It is the Buyer's responsibility to request and obtain export licenses for the export of the subject items, and to ensure that the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations and administrative policies are met. Other Restrictions on the use of night vision with a weapon vary from state to state. You are strongly advised to learn these laws and adhere to them. Paratemporal Night Vision will not be held responsible for unlawful usage any equipment sold.

Under no circumstances can we ship this product outside the US.

These days every paranormal investigation show on television features Night Vision equipment. This is a testament to how vital this tool is in the quest for evidence of the paranormal. As famed radio show host Joshua P Warren says, "It's almost like looking into another dimension". Night Vision technology opens up a world of darkness, a world that has for centuries been known as the playground of the paranormal.