Paranormal Products Night Vision
We are now selling Night Vision equipment suitable for use in all Paranormal Investigations.
Paranormal Products Paranormal PC
The Ultimate Computer Based Paranormal Research System Available Here.
Paranormal Products Extraterrestrial Gemstone Pendants
Amazing Jewelry fashioned from rare Moldavite and real Meteorites. True ExtraTerrestrial Artifacts.
Paranormal Products Complete Ghost Hunting Kit
All you need to begin your Ghost Hunt. The Book, The DVD, An EF Meter and a White Noise CD. Compiled for us by Joshua P Warren.
Paranormal Products How To Hunt Ghosts. Signed by the Author
The essential guide to becoming a successful Ghost hunter is offered here SIGNED by the author JOSHUA P. WARREN!
Paranormal Products Alone in a Haunted House DVD
Join Joshua P Warren in this compelling DVD when he dares to go Alone In a Haunted House.
Paranormal Products Mugwort Dream Pillow
This natural aid to restful sleep and vivid dreams is an essential tool in the practice of Lucid Dreaming.
Paranormal Products EKG / EEG Monitors and Recorders
State of the Art scientific equipment used in the study of organic matter ESP.
Paranormal Products Ghost/Spirit/Angel Detectors
Sensitive devices that detect and locate the
presence of paranormal activity.
Paranormal Products UFO Detectors
Devices that detect energy and magnetic anomalies
associated with UFO activity.
Paranormal Products Alien Abduction Detector
Devices that sense if energy or magnetic anomalies have occurred. Useful for subject or location monitoring.
Paranormal Products Radiation Detectors
Essential investigative tools for measuring radiation levels at crop circles and suspected UFO landing sites.
Paranormal Products 007 style Geiger Counter Watch
State of the art Geiger Counter and radiant energy detector fitted into a handsome watch.
Paranormal Products Investigative Tools
Digital Software Voice Stress Analysis. An excellent tool for witness qualification. Also useful to monitor radio shows to determine guests truthfulness.
Paranormal Products EVP Devices
Record other Worldly, Spiritual, Dimensional
Voices with proper tools and techniques.
Paranormal Products Paranormal Investigation Equipment
Wide Selection of State of the Art Paranormal Investigation Equipment.
From Cell ESP to UFO Binoculars.
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We are now offering our visitors the chance to study and earn a college degree As a Paranormal Investigator.
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We believe that by selling state of the art technology at prices the average buyer can afford, and providing FREE plans and training for as many as possible, we together will be able to finally discover answers and solve mysteries. The paranormal is simply a subject that science has not yet learned to tackle. We don’t fully understand the laws and principals that govern it, but we will.

Our company will be working closely with shows like COAST TO COAST AM and SPEAKING OF STRANGE; excellent radio programs dedicated to the paranormal. And we’re partnering with many professionals in the field of paranormal research by providing state of the art tools and techniques . . .

Paratemporal NightVision Equipment

Military Grade Night Vision Equipment Now Available.
Paratemporal Night Vision in association with offers military grade 3rd generation night vision equipment for the best deals on the market. Though these units, like the popular PVS-7s, are fit for any night vision enthusiast, our highly trained staff tests and hand selects pairs that are especially suitable for paranormal investigation. more...

Paranormal Night Vision Equipment

Course and Degrees in Paranormal Investigation

Earn a degree in Paranormal Investigation.
We are sure that most people have some level of interest in the paranormal. Perhaps you would like to take your interest a lot further and enter a career in paranormal investigation. A great way to start is earning a degree or certificate in paranormal investigation. We have several areas of interest and lots of information to quickly get you started and in a successful business. more...

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Have your Paranormal Website designed by us.
We are offering our skills and experience in the website design business, along with our expertise in the Paranormal field, to produce a professional website that will showcase your particular business or services to a global audience. more...

Digital Photo Analysis

Submit Your Paranormal Photos For Analysis.
With the huge increase in the number of digital cameras in use there, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of apparently paranormal images captured. While a lot of these images can be explained easily in terms of natural phenomena, an alarming amount of things caught on camera need further examination. more...


Paranormal Investigation.
UFO Research: What are UFOs? What factual knowledge do we have from the scientific community, and what do you need to know to properly document, and be prepared for, odd aerial craft or phenomena? Our group of researchers has accumulated a wide array of information, links and suggested books for you to read on the subject.

This part of contains submitted articles and references relating to the vast world of the paranormal. We have links to investigate aerial enigmas, report and research UFOs, Ghosts, Alien Abduction and lots more!

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UFO Attack Over Los Angeles 1942 UFO Attack Over Los Angeles.
On Wednesday, February 25, 1942 Los Angeles was was the setting for one of the most bizarre and yet little-known UFO events in human history. We study the evidence.
Infrared UFO Camera. Build an Infrared UFO Camera.
Up until recently we had to rely on the naked eye to spot UFOs in the sky. But what if there was a way to 'see' light that is beyond the visual spectrum. Well now there is.
Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy.
The true story of one mans search for the Spark of Life. His controversial findings and his constant battles with the establishments who sought to bring him and his research down.
The Cottingley Fairies The Cottingley Fairies.
Fairies captured on film in 1917 in Cottingley, England were to become iconic in the world of paranormal investigation. We take a look at the images and tell the true story behind them
Astonishing UFO caught on Camera Astonishing UFO caught on Camera.
This remarkable image has been caught by an unsuspecting member of the public. Our investigators look at it and another similar image and they think they can explain what it is
Hampton Court Ghostly CCTV Footage Gene and Cell ESP.
Investigators have identified a phenomena called gene or cell communications. By using EEG / EKG and ECG machines to monitor the subtle electrical fields, researchers have found that house plants respond to various stimuli.
Hampton Court Ghostly CCTV Footage The Thing in the Woods.
One of our readers sent us two photographs and an account of a strange woodland sighting. Using photographic enhancement techniques we were able to show clearer the things that were seen in the woods that day.
Hampton Court Ghostly CCTV Footage Who you Gonna Call?
An in-depth look at what you should expect if you have to seek the assistance of professional paranormal investigators to help you with your unusual events or disturbances..
Hampton Court Ghostly CCTV Footage The Hampton Court Ghostly CCTV Footage.
Security cameras at Hampton Court Palace, London, England capture a ghostly figure opening a fire door. We have exclusive enhanced imagery and analysis of the ghost story that has everyone talking.
The 1967 UFO Photographs.
Three photographs found in a wooden chest dating from 1967 show an unidentified craft hovering near a radar facility. Flying Saucer or too good to be true? We reveal all.
Is there Life on Mars?
Images sent back to Earth from the Mars Rover Spirit show some rather interesting objects scattered across the Martian landscape. Paranormal-Investigation takes a closer look. more...

The Mysteries of Coral Castle.
Read about the mysterious and beautiful Castle in Florida that was one mans memorial to a lost love and ever since has been a conundrum to builders, engineers and scientists.

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Paranormal Consulting
We have a very creative team of engineers and technicians available from a wide array of disciplines. We can consult with you and provide special assistance for the full scope of your potential needs at modest costs. We also can offer a wide array of sophisticated technology and custom solutions for your needs. Contact us for additional details. more...