Website Design and Development Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide.
To begin the process of getting your website designed and developed by us you need to contact us with as much detail about your website as you can. Ask yourself these questions:

Is there a particular color(s) scheme you would like to use?
How many pages do you need and what will they contain?
Do you have a preference for the style of Navigation? (top, or side, buttons or plain text)
Do you want to incorporate eye-catching state of the art animation (Flash)?
What types of content are you going to deploy? (movies, text, images, downloads)
Is there anything else that you want taken into consideration?

The more information you provide us at this stage the better the chances we have of producing a design that meets your requirements. Other things that can help us with the design; Photographs of design elements that have caught your attention, this could be magazine layouts, packaging or anything else that shows what sort of design you are looking for. Another good way of expressing what you want is to provide us with screen grabs or URLs of websites you like the design of and are similar to what you want.

Free Website Quotation of Cost.
We have explained how to begin the process, now you will need to know how much our services will cost you. Each website will cost a different amount depending on various aspects of the design and the amount of work we need to do to bring your website to life. To give you an accurate quote of how much it will cost you, we need as much information from you as possible. We will evaluate what you have told us, and ask you for further information if necessary. Once we have a clear picture of your website we can then give you a quotation of cost.