Coral Castle & Free Energy Research

This Free Energy Research was started based on the question why are the guys missing out of the free energy device that was designed at Coral Castle by Edward Leedskalkin, the eccentric man who built Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida. From 1930-1940. Ed he surpassed even the most modern construction methods known by today’s standards and built his home from megalithic pieces of coral stone that he harvested with just crude hand made tools.  Many have visited Ed's device, and had they been fortunate enough to do so in lifetime would have been shown his energy devices in operation, and he also had built a truck powered by his free energy device.  Ed's was no doubt a genius, but he had no formal education past the 4th grade, was of Latvian decent, and his writings he has left his legacy in stone and only a small amount of very hard to follow text.

Certainly there is no doubt that Ed's decree that he knew the secrets of the Egyptians and the pyramids is validated by these incredible structures.  But hidden in the history of Coral Castle are many mysteries past how a small man of only 5" tall and weighing just 100 pounds could have built such a large tructure without advanced tools.  The mystery also remains what happened to his free energy device and truck?

ABOVE: Here is a picture of Ed's free energy device as is now displayed at Coral Castle Florida.  Clearly the internal mechanisms are missing.   ABOVE: In this photo taken by a visitor in the 1940s we see Ed showing off his perpetual motion holder magnetic generator. (Mag-Gen) Clearly the guts are intact and history seems to indicate the Castle was powered by this source until his death.

So the mystery to these devices must be unlocked by visual inspection of the device left behind, the photos of it intact, and trying to understand the message Edward Leedskalkin was trying to give the world in his various ads and handouts begging for scientists to come and investigate his device.  We are told in the book about Edward Leedskalkin lift that his attempts to promote and patent this device were stopped by the oil companies who during the 30's had people in place to intercept any such patents from coming to the market.  If it were not for so much historical facts, the Castles history, and remaining eye witnesses and photos we could dismiss this as a urban legion.  But the tons of coral Ed left behind serve to vindicate his sincerity.  So the mission then is to recreate the lost artifact and bring it to bear in a world that has now ben pushed to the edge due to war over energy and resources, and climate changes.

This Mag-Gen is needed in our society now!

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